Best Reflexology Resources for Beginners


So, has this humble survey of the field of reflexology whet your appetite for more information? Has it confirmed your calling as a future hands-on healing guru? Or do you just really want to experience it as a patient? Luckily, both practitioner and patient perspectives are conducive to learning. Luckier still, the following reflexology resources have been reviewed and recommended by our licensed acupressure specialist to provide beginners with a sound, evidence-based approach to the art.

Complete Reflexology For Life by Barbara Kunz

Work of this quality is difficult to overstate. Within one finds a succinct, thoughtfully compiled introduction to the theory, benefits, practice, and integration of reflexology into our often busy and stressful lives. With more than 25 years of teaching, practicing, and research experience each, author Barbara Kunz and husband Kevin have built an empire (the chill kind) around their shared passion for the healing art. Along the way, they humbly posited this helpful book among a number of other reflexology resources to benefit their succeeding generations.

The Complete Reflexology Tutor: Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise by Ann Gillanders

For those who prefer both anecdotal and organized/academic approaches to learning, this guide breezily merges the two in an easily readable format. While breaking down the basic manipulation points and acupressure techniques, for example, 30-year veteran Ann Gillanders adds insight as to the applications of these techniques and how to spot contraindications in different patient populations while practicing. It's as if the cool, experienced co-worker on your first week at the job personally penned a list of useful tips to make you look good in front of the boss.

SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

Now for the fun part. In all seriousness, it is greatly beneficial for future practitioners of any healing art to experience things from the patient's side. If you have a willing practice partner, great. For those not living with a reflexologist, consider this massager as a tireless tutor. The reason we selected this specific massager among all the reflexology resources out there is because it was designed with the actual theory of zone mapping in mind. It targets various points to add a therapeutic layer onto the merits of your dime-a-dozen foot massage (circulation, tissue tension, etc).

Magnetic Acupressure Mat

Finally, because prospects of being allowed an electronic foot massager at work (or most other reflexology resources) are dubious at best, we want to highlight the benefits of this quality acupressure mat. As pictured, this durable, studded disc fits discretely under your work or study space to allow for consistent self-treatment while on a schedule. With zone chart enclosed, you can experiment with different reflexology points, pressure, specific techniques, and other treatment parameters to best hone your skills and/or target problem areas.